Free and open source code quality tools for Octave and MATLAB


Copyright and License


MISS_HIT is free and open source software.
  • The license for the user-visible parts (i.e. the tools) of MISS_HIT is the GNU Affero General Public License (version 3).
  • The license for the internal parts of MISS_HIT (specifically the lexer, parser, and some of the core compiler infrastructure) is the GNU General Public License (version 3).
To emphasise, since MISS_HIT is just an analysis tool, you can use it to analyse your commercial code without any license concerns.


Copyright holders for each file is indicated in the file header. In general this is Florian Schanda, but significant contributions have been made on company time through Zenuity AB, Veoneer Sweden AB, and now Arriver Software GmbH.


MISS_HIT includes a large test-suite, some of which comes from third party code, publicly available resources, projects, or user bug reports and enhancement requests. This is always indicated in the file header of each test that derives from such a source.