Free and open source code quality tools for Octave and MATLAB

What is MISS_HIT?

MISS_HIT is several things, but most importantly it is a set of tools that will make your code better (and hopefully your life easier) if you are writing programs using the MATLAB, Simulink, or Octave programming languages. To be honest, I wrote MISS_HIT out of frustration, in that there is a huge MATLAB eco-system in industry, and the code quality is generally poor as there is little to no tool-support that is taken for granted in any other programming language. So MISS_HIT attempts to fill the gaps with the following tools: Please note that all these tools also support updating MATLAB code embedded inside Simulink models.


The style checker can turn code like this: function rv= foo (x), if x < 0,,rv=- x;else,rv=x;,; end; Into something more readable:
function rv = foo (x)
    if x < 0
        rv = -x;
        rv = x;

Quick start

The easiest way to install it is to use the latest release published on PyPI:
$ pip3 install miss_hit
Then, you can style-check your program, by simply using:
$ mh_style --fix my_program.m
Please refer to the online documentation on GitHub for more details.

What makes MISS_HIT good?

There have been other attempts at this, but MISS_HIT tries to do things differently (and I hope better). Specifically: